Free course on seamless knitting and merino wool

With the new course "Seamless Knitting - Santoni Technology," you can start your wool innovation knowledge, learning how to design garments with a greater structure variety and comfort by combining stitches, structures, yarns and colors into one piece of fabric for fashion and function.

Attend the course to discover a revolution in the world of textile machinery, led by seamless technology manufacturer Santoni, and explore new directions and uses for wool yarns in collaboration with Santoni, The Woolmark Company and Studio Eva x Carola.

The course explores opportunities and solutions for creating products with seamless knitting technology and shows how designers and brands can create, innovate, and produce with seamless technology, with a focus on Merino wool yarns.

By the end of this course, one will have delved into the wide range of applications and design possibilities that seamless knitting offers cutting-edge designers and investigated the importance of yarn selection when designing seamless garments, developing an appreciation and understanding of wool as an ideal yarn solution for seamless design innovations.

One will also have gained a high-level understanding of the functioning of Santoni seamless machines and explored the countless performance and creative opportunities for apparel and accessories.


Free course on seamless knitting and merino wool