Launching the brand new machine Innotas at TIME 2022

Innotas is the latest entry among Santoni large diameter machines. It is a single jersey machine with 3 feeders per inch, which has been designed to manage the lint, capable to knit up to 4 track structures, with/without lycra.

Excellent to knit two or three yarn plaited fabrics
Side by side needles and sinkers
Open shape sinker cams for a superior cleaning to ensure uniform loops all over the fabric, less wear and tear
Yarn carrier in front of the raised needles for a perfect plaiting at high speed
Individual open shape cam box made by special aluminium forged alloy having a great heatdissipation property
Automatic positioning of the fabric take down for quick removal of fabric roll
Possibility to convert the machine for the production of three thread fleece
Available with tubular as well as open width frame (standard and industrial) equipped with motorized slitting and opening system by oblique bars
Open version can easily be converted into tubular
Very compact open frame for an easy access to the knitting head
Yarn guide and cam box designed for more precision in loop formation process

Underwear - Sportswear - Swimwear - Medical Textiles