Single jersey machine with 3 feeders per diameter inch capable to knit up to 4 track structures, with/without lycra.

  • Excellent to knit two or three yarn plaited fabrics.
  • Side by side needles and sinkers.
  • Open shape sinker cams for a superior cleaning to ensure uniform loops all over the fabric, less wear and tear.
  • Yarn carrier in front of the raised needles for a perfect plaiting at high speed.
  • Individual open shape cam box made by special aluminium forged alloy having a great heat dissipation property and stiffness.
  • Automatic positioning of the fabric take down for quick removal of fabric roll.
  • Possibility to convert the machine for the production of three thread fleece.
  • Available with tubular as well as open width frame.
  • Open version can easily be converted into tubular.
  • Very compact open frame for an easy access to the knitting head.
  • 5,5 Kw (motor)
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Fully automated (consumption monitoring)


  • Underwear / Sportswear
  • Swimwear / Medical Textiles

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